Space Boy has had it’s première. It played to a full house of 120 people and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I wasn’t able to make it as I was in Edinburgh but John Quarrell has posted a nice little video of the event. Congratulations John 🙂


In 2013 I was the cinematographer on the short film Space Boy. Shot on Red Epic and with a small crew and budget it tells the story of young boys dream of going into space.

“Ben, a passionate seven year-old boy harboring a burning desire to fly to the moon; plans his lunar mission amid the flurry of his big sister’s wedding day. An intergalactic voyage through his family sees him battling aliens, saving the princess and trying to seek a little bit of attention.

SPACE BOY is a poignant and heart-warming film about the power of a young boy’s imagination; how it engrosses and at the same time frustrates. This is a story that is set in the furthest reaches of space but is grounded by the realities of life on earth.”