It’s Oscar time again and the nominations came in at 13:38 and 30 seconds. ‘The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists’ (Or ‘Band of Misfits’ as it is in the States) has been nominated in the best feature animation category. I feel very privileged to have worked on three features, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, Wallace and Gomit: Curse of the Wererabbit’ and now ‘The Pirates!’, that have been nominated in this category over the years.  What an amazing year for Stop-motion as well with over half the nominations going to Stop-motion films. With so many friends on the crews of ‘Paranorman’ and ‘Frankenweenie’ and with ‘Brave’ being set in Scotland it seems like the outcome can only be good. Wreck-It Ralph is meant to be really good too 🙂